The Milwaukee Musaik, formerly known as the Milwaukee Chamber Orchestra, is Milwaukee's only self-governing chamber orchestra consortium, and one of only 65 chamber orchestras in the nation. Since its founding in 1973 as the Milwaukee Chamber Music Society, it has earned a reputation as one of southeastern Wisconsin's finest professional performing arts groups. Critical review, audience response and other feedback reveal that the ensemble performs with the highest of artistic integrity and fills a unique niche in satisfying a desire for audiences to hear, and for professional artists to perform, chamber music within the greater Milwaukee metropolitan area.

Richard Hynson, the MCO's second and former music director 2006-2015, succeeding founding music director Stephen Colburn after 3 decades of leadership, envisioned a chamber orchestra that can provide both the community and the musicians with outstanding opportunities to experience orchestral music through creative scheduling and programming, intimate venues, and a unique approach to music. His vision was realized through numerous partnerships that yielded praise from all in the community and musicians alike.

Due to the evolution of the classical music business and new operation models, in 2015 the Milwaukee Chamber Orchestra board reorganized to a new approach in which musician members become the decision makers and force behind the enterprise - true to its name and function the Milwaukee Musaik was born.  The new model has no music director, only: a conductor, Alexander Mandl, and an Artistic Board that is responsible for the final artistic product of the consortium. Milwaukee Musaik's model has earned critical acclaim for its programming and high level performances.