Thank You to Our Supporters

We are deeply grateful for the generosity of the following individuals and organizations, whose support enables us to pursue our mission. We apologize in advance for any errors or omissions. Please contact us at for corrections and inquiries.

Greater Milwaukee
Foundation's Judith A
Keyes Family Fund
Dale Newman
Michael Barndt
Henry Burko Charitable Trust
Bill Christensen & Fran Cook
Susi and Dick Stoll
Barry Axelrood & Sigrid Dynek
Keni Bothwell
Stephen Colburn & Marlee Sabo
William Helmers
Thomas Hochstatter
Jeanyi Kim & Alexander Mandl
Kelsey Molinari
Elizabeth Parisot
Elizabeth W. Walcott
Clint Peterson & Ruth Welcenbach
The Helen Reich Fund
Up to $100
Alexander Ayers
Sue Beranek
Christian Ellenwood
Stefanie Jacob
Dale & Barbara Lenz
Mark Niehaus
Nataliya Nikonova
Daniel del Pino
Scott Pokora
Dave Rasmussen
Patricia and Allen Rieselbach
Marc and Darlene Rivest
Janis Sakai
Tom Smith
Bret Spencer
Peter Szczepanek
Thomas Wetzel
Shoua Xiong
Alex Zhu
Heather Zinninger
Special Thanks to
Dale Newman
Kate Eternick
Sacra Nova Chorale
Wauwatosa Presbyterian Church
Cindy Thomas
Allison Emm
UW-Parkside Music Department
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
Four Summits Web Services
Wisconsin Lutheran College
Journal Sentinel
Urban Milwaukee A&E
The Shepherd Express
BPA Associates
Loni Boyd
Ken Kapp
Pat Schaller
Charlene Sivyer
Biljana Dostanic
Dylana Leung
Michael Barndt
Terrell Pierce
David Vartanian